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Join Thousands of Satisfied Clients.

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Join Thousands of Satisfied Clients.

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Since starting in late 1996, the program has served thousands of satisfied clients who want to see more results for the amount of sacrifice and effort they put into their workouts and diet. We help them to deploy our 4 step system to burn fat and build muscle, while eating more and exercising less.

 Build the Physique You've Always Dreamed Of

You'll use the exact actionable steps that we implement every day to sculpt and build your dream physique. From the food, to the workout, to the cardio.  Everything is covered in our program.

We Hold You Accountable With Weekly Check Ins And Monthly Body Fat Tests

The secret sauce to our system is simple. Accountability! It's very important that you are seeing results on a weekly basis in order to keep you motivated.  So we do weekly check ins and monthly body fat tests to keep our clients focused on their fitness goals.

How It Works

Less Talking, More Action.

1. eat more to lose more.

Most diets focus on decreasing calories. But more often than not, that will lead to a slower metabolism. The key is to actually focus on the hormones that are released when you eat certain foods.

When you create the correct hormonal environment, you can eat as much food as you want and still lose weight.  

2. Shorten Your Workouts to Build More Muscle.

Most people spend too much time in the gym. You can either workout hard or you can workout long, but you can't do both! 

The key is to workout hard!  Intensity is what builds muscle. You don't build muscle in the gym. In fact, the longer you spend in the gym you're actually breaking down muscle.

3. Spend Less Time On the Treadmill to Burn More Fat.

Most people think they're getting in better shape, the longer they're able to do cardio. But that only means your heart is getting more conditioned.  

When your heart becomes more conditioned, it actually burns less calories per cardio session. Which means less fat burning. And worse yet, your body is more susceptible to burning muscle. This is why I advise my clients to control their cardio intensity and duration.  

4. Share your success story.

Finally, we encourage you to share your fitness accomplishments with others.  Your success could help to motivate someone else that was in previously in your shoes, spending too much time in the gym making very little to no progress. 

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  • Eat More to Lose More
  • ​ Shorten Your Workouts to Build More Muscle 
  • ​ burn more fat by actually decreasing the amount of time you spend on the treadmill. 
  • ​ Share Your Success Story
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